Discover Earth: Naturehood Hub Days

Earthwatch is an international environmental charity. We give people the opportunity to take part in hands-on projects which tackle climate change, the declining health of our rivers and oceans, and the loss of wildlife habitats. Together, we contribute to scientific research and influence policies.

Donations open 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019


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  • I feel prepared to take these activities into my school and have the confidence to promote outdoor learning & citizen science.

    — Teacher

  • So informative, really eye-opening. Important issues to discuss in and out of the classroom.

    — Teacher

  • Engaging and useful - very inspired to go back and always involve this in my teaching!

    — Teacher


The natural world is under threat. Climate change, habitat destruction, and pollution are making it harder and harder for plants and animals to survive. Without action we will cause irreparable damage to ecosystems and the species that live in them. Meanwhile, modern living is eroding people's sense of connection to nature, and many feel overwhelmed by the scale of the problem. In a world of negative news stories and conflicting advice, people don't know how to make a positive difference.


Earthwatch works with communities, schools, businesses, policymakers and scientists to generate scientific research and inspire people to take actions to protect our natural world. We put impact at the heart of what we do. Our focus is on 4 key areas where our actions make the most difference. These focus areas are: 1. Creating thriving places to live and work. 2. Reducing pollution in our water bodies. 3. Enabling sustainable agricultural land management. 4. Enhancing the health of our coasts.