Bluebell Care Trust

Bluebell Care Trust

Bluebell provides support for women & their families affected by perinatal mental illness. We help reduce feelings of anxiety & depression; providing parents with techniques & strategies to manage their mental health, strengthen relationships & tackle isolation.

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (1136818)

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  • So many people suffer in silence and they shouldn’t at all because there’s help out there and you can get better. Without Bluebell I don’t know if I would be here today to be honest. They were definitely a life line.

    — Nikki, Bluebell beneficiary

  • Without the professional support and community feel... my story may well have ended very differently.

    — Georgia, Bluebell beneficiary


In the UK, 700,000 women give birth each year. Perinatal mental illness is a serious and major public health concern. 2 in 10 women experience a mental health problem during pregnancy & birth. Over 56% of women affected by perinatal mental illness never have a conversation with a health professional, do not receive a diagnoses and therefore do not receive adequate treatment and support, escalating feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation and often leading to crisis. Suicide remains the leading cause of direct death within a year after the end of pregnancy.


We address this need through our range of community services in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, South Devon and Bath & North East Somerset; our 1:1 peer support Bluebell Buddy Service, our Therapeutic Group Programme with creches for infants so parents can take time out, and through workshops & activities at our innovative city centre well-being hub in Bristol. We also run a support project for Dads.