The West Africa Street Child Partnership

A StreetInvest-led network of organisations in West Africa committed to responding to street-connected children who are marginalised and excluded, have suffered multiple trauma and abuse, whose rights are routinely ignored or violated and who have been left behind without appropriate support.

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Street children do not have access to their rights. They suffer multiple trauma and abuse, generally at the hands of the adults upon whom they should rely. There are tens of thousands of street-connected children in Ghana. Unusually, over 70% of them are girls. All of the street connected young people report similar issues of stigma and abuse, vulnerability and a lack of access to services. The presence of such a large proportion of girls on the streets gives added urgency to this situation.


Muslim Family Counselling Services (MFCS), StreetInvest’s Regional Coordinating Partner for West Africa will further develop its network of partners in the region to provide a cost-effective, scalable response for street-connected young people. The network is committed to the promotion and support of "Street Work" to realise the common vision of “a trustworthy adult for every street child so that they are safer, have access to services and a greater sense of belonging in their communities”.