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Literacy Training in Madagascar 2020

‘It’s as easy as ABC’ suggests an effortless task but what if you can’t tell the difference between A, B or C? Our literacy project delivers vital training in Madagascar, where over a quarter of the population can’t read, write or count. Each year we give 10,000 people life changing literacy skills.

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  • Before the training, we couldn't tell the difference between a chicken scratch on the ground and a letter of the alphabet - it is a real joy to be given the gift of knowledge.

    — Talaky

  • As more people see the impact of the training, more and more people want to learn. As the need for learning is met for previous students, the demand grows from new students across the district. Thank you.

    — Esanta, President of District

  • I have yearned for years to be free of ignorance, to know how to read and write. To my utmost joy, I was invited into Literacy Training.

    — Zatoay, Student from Ankibay


In Madagascar, over 25% of the population are illiterate. 28% of those aged 15+ and 51% of those over 65 can’t read or write. 71% of the Madagascar households are involved in farming. Inability to read and write, alongside financial illiteracy, is a barrier to the advancement of the farming community, where they can often be taken advantage of by at market. Illiteracy and financial illiteracy are barriers our Literacy Training Programme aims to overcome.


Running over 6 months, our literacy training is delivered by 300 centrally trained teachers at 300 learning centres (schools, churches or under the shade of a tree). Each teacher is supplied with all materials required including chalk, writing materials & a bike, if required, to get to & from the villages. We also create & publish a literacy training manual, which is given to every student. Over the past 6 years, our literacy training has reached 40,000+ people & remains in high demand.