Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust

Help Save A Life in Cornwall this Christmas

Our new AW169 helicopter will be faster, helping our Critical Care Paramedics reach patients quicker. It will take the resources of A&E to the most critically and seriously ill patients. Please give a special gift this Christmas, by funding our patient life support system you can help to save lives.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019


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  • Helen was in a severe car crash that left her trapped inside her vehicle, fighting for her life. “Because of the severity of my injuries, it was vital that I got to hospital as quickly as possible,” said Helen. “They literally saved my life; I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the air ambulance.”

    — Helen George, Airlifted Patient

  • 5-year-old Harry was heading to the beach when he fell from the cliff onto rocks below. Harry suffered a significant head injury. Becky said: “They asked if we wanted to say goodbye. I just kept thinking ‘please live, please come back to us as the same little boy’.” Harry has made a full recovery.

    — Becky Roberts, Harry’s mum

  • Keith was preparing to paint the exterior walls of his house when he suddenly developed severe chest pains. Sharon, Keith’s wife said: “The doctors at the hospital told me he had about 5 minutes to spare. Keith’s heart damage would be a lot worse if he didn’t get there as quick as he did.”

    — Sharon and Keith Simmonds


We recognise we can save more time and more lives by providing higher levels of critical care not currently available. Our current helicopter only provides access to the upper left of a patient’s body, limiting in-flight medical care. Vital life support systems must be disconnected as the patient is transferred from the hospital helipad to the A&E department. The weight restriction on our current aircraft means we are unable to add some of the latest life-saving medical technology.


The new AW169 helicopter will enable us to reach patients and transfer them to hospital in less time; for time-critical patients every minute matters. With your help the new helicopter will take the resources of the A&E department to the most critically injured and seriously ill patients. It will enable our highly skilled Critical Care Paramedics to provide enhanced levels of medical care at scene, helping to save many lives.