Unlock - for people with criminal records

Unlock - for people with criminal records

Unlock is an independent award-winning national charity that provides a voice and support for people facing stigma and obstacles because of their criminal record.

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There are nearly 12 million people in the UK living with a criminal record, most have not been to prison. They can all face unfair barriers to employment, housing, financial services and other aspects of everyday life - sometimes many years after the offence, and regardless of how hard they have worked to put their past mistakes behind them.


Our solution is to advocate for people with criminal records so that they can move on positively in their lives. People with criminal records are fully involved in all aspects of the organisation and their experiences drive our work. We support people with criminal records to navigate through challenging times, we increase understanding of how they may face an unfair and unnecessary 'life sentence' which holds them back, and we campaign for pragmatic changes to legislation and policies.

  • [you are]… helping people that are being punished for life… giving people a chance rather than tossed aside... giving hope for a better future to many who have lived socially excluded, rejected and feeling worthless.”

    — Unlock helpline user

  • Thanks very much for your help. I have been at the brink of suicide over these matters throughout the years. I really do appreciate everything you have done for normally decent people who are treated like pariahs!

    — Unlock helpline user

  • Oh gosh I’ve been so confused about spent and unspent; this has put my mind at rest and I can now look forward with clarity, I can’t thank you enough. I put my details in on my one and only conviction, 8 weeks suspended in 2019 I was so confused about it, but just adding my details and my conviction

    — Unlock helpline user

  • I’m now up and running my own company. That would be a cause for celebration in itself, but I also have clients. It’s been just over a year since I lost my job and the past 12 months have been tough, but with the support and help from people like you and others, I got through this and the future doe

    — Unlock helpline user