Action On Postpartum Psychosis

Supporting women affected by postpartum psychosis

Postpartum psychosis (PP) is a severe perinatal mental illness affecting about 26 women per week in the UK. We want to grow our award-winning peer support service so as many women and families as possible can access our help, through illness and recovery and to manage the lifelong impacts of PP.

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It ran from 9:00 AM, 1 July 2022 to 11:30 PM, 31 July 2022

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PP is a severe, but treatable, mental illness that occurs after having a baby. It can get worse very quickly and should be treated as a medical emergency. Most women need medication and hospital admission. With the right treatment, women with PP do make a full recovery. It takes time and the journey may be tough. The illness can be frightening and shocking for the woman experiencing it and her family. The period after childbirth can be a devastating time to experience a severe mental illness.


APP runs the only peer support network in the UK, the largest in the world. Our National Coordinators & volunteers offer support, empathy, practical information & hope to around 800 women & family members each year - online, in person & in the community. 95% of service users report feeling less isolated; 35% think they might not be alive without the service. Our peer support for dads, partners, grandparents and Black, Asian & minority ethnic communities mean more families benefit from our help.

  • “It has been life changing for me. I don't feel isolated at all, if anything I feel proud to be part of this unique community of amazing, strong women and proud of everything we have been through.”

    — APP peer support beneficiary

  • “My first face-to-face meet up was about 1.5 years after I first had PP (arranged through APP) and I feel that's when my recovery really started. Being able to talk to other women face-to-face who just 'got it’, was amazing. I really hope this work continues."

    — APP peer support beneficiary

  • "Experiencing postpartum psychosis was bewildering and frightening. We had no idea what was happening...APP reached out to me while I was in recovery, bringing with them a boatload of love, warmth and hope, sharing information, and introducing me to an amazing network of women."

    — APP Ambassador, Laura Dockrill