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Lalibela Emergency Appeal

Our sponsored families in Lalibela have been cut off by the conflict in northern Ethiopia. Crops have been destroyed and families have been without electricity, water and education. Our team is going there in April and we want to be able to meet their needs now, and help them rebuild for the future.

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It ran from 1:00 AM, 18 March 2022 to 1:00 AM, 31 March 2022

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In August 2021 Lalibela was occupied by the rebel TPLF forces. Banks, hospitals, schools and government services shut down. There was no electricity, no phone connection and no water. Residents had to give their food to occupying forces and crops were destroyed. Families are devastated and traumatised. There are still no bank or hospital services. Water and electricity were only restored in December. Schools only resumed in January. Food is still scarce and food prices have increased by 180%.


We have been supporting 19 families in Lalibela for several years. We are uniquely placed to effectively support these families now. Our Sponsorship Manager, Marta, is going to Lalibela in April and we want her to be able to respond to the needs of the families. This means food parcels including teff, lentils, oil, rice and wheat, to help with their immediate needs, and specific business support to each family to help them rebuild their livelihoods.

  • There was not any hope. They couldn't call other people because there was no power or connection. They were frightened. People were assaulted. There was no work and they couldn't eat regularly. Now there is inflation and they can't get many goods. All people got psychological problem.

    — Marta Bekele, our Sponsorship Manager