Help us create a 3Pillars Project Performance Hub to support children forge brighter futures

Children leave Young Offenders Institutes and 85% return within 2 years. We must make preventative methods and rehabilitation better. 3PP uses sports-based mentoring to transform the lives of children and young men vulnerable to engaging in crime, in custody, and recently released from prison.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 14 June 2022 to 12:20 PM, 28 June 2022

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Championed by The Childhood Trust


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Situation for young people in the criminal justice system: In July 2020, The HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, said: “There is now a real risk of psychological decline among prisoners, which needs to be addressed urgently, so that prisoners, children & detainees do not suffer long term damage to their mental health and well-being, and prisons can fulfil their rehabilitative goals”. 69% of young offenders re-offend within 1 year of release and 52% of male prison leavers don’t have any qualifications.


The 3PP Performance Hub will be the first gym of its kind in the UK! Sport is a dynamic way to engage young people heading down a wrong path or trapped in the criminal justice system and build positive mentoring relationships with them. Our coaches and mentors use a hybrid model approach that combines sports coaching with mentoring that supports a young person to create a positive life for themselves. You can be part of the solution by supporting our campaign!