We are supporting children and young people living in disadvantaged areas by giving access to FREE art, photography, music, fashion, sculpture, film and art therapy workshops. We will be providing healthy nutritious freshly cooked lunches open every day throughout the summer holidays 2022!

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More than ever children and young people living in disadvantaged areas are facing tough circumstances living in low-income families, being in lockdown for so long has taken a huge toll on their education, their mental health by being cramped in small flats, many families having to use all rooms as bedrooms as their homes are overcrowded. With limited access to resources needed for homeschooling, have fallen behind in education resulting in low self-esteem and anxiety with no access to the arts.


Giving FREE access to all areas of the arts supporting vulnerable children who are living in poverty. By providing free highly skilled workshops in arts and media which will be open every day of the summer holidays, ensure children and young people are not neglected and subjected to crime,violence and hunger. Creativity will build confidence, good mental health. Provide healthy lunches,drinks, physical wellbeing. Our Summer Holiday programmes are crucial ensuring our beneficiaries are supported.

  • Hi Debbi The boys really enjoyed the stop motion course yesterday. Isaac and Joseph really enjoyed making plasticine models with Emily, see you tomorrow for art and oils. Thank you in advance Ali (carer)

    — Hi Debbi The boys really enjoyed the stop motion course yesterday. Ali (carer)

  • Debbi and all your artists, thank you for supporting my children this summer. I cannot believe the artwork they produced over the summer. Lilia loved the fashion course, Elijah especially loved the drones and Isiah was so amazing how he learned to paint with oils on his canvas that he brought home

    — Samir (parent of Isiah, Elijah and Isiah)

  • Hi Debbi, Thanks so much for today Genesis really, really enjoyed the morning sess.. The girls and team went off singing and the boys just jammed and the others ramped! He came home and 'Composed' the attach. Thanks for getting the keyboard.. ALL the boys loved it.💕😗

    — Sandra (Genesis Mum)

  • Hi Debbi and team, Thank you also for providing the workshop. Georgina had fun being part of designing the mural map and she made some new friends. Georgina is signed up for the sculpture class on the 22 / 23 Aug so we hope to see you then. Best wishes, Androulla (parent)

    — Androulla (parent)