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UK/European Centre Excellence for ME Research2022

To develop a Centre of Excellence for ME research base that will facilitate clinical trials and diagnosis and examinations, and translational biomedical research, and facilities to improve training of healthcare staff. This would act as a European hub for high-quality research into ME.

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People with ME need fundamental research into the disease. The current status of services for people with ME is poor and no treatments are available. Biomedical research will facilitate development of treatments as well as improving early and correct diagnosis. The severely affected ME patients are mostly ignored by healthcare services. Only a strategy of biomedical research with European collaboration can resolve this and a Centre of Excellence can only be created with continued funding.


Developing research at a Centre would facilitate correct examinations using modern diagnostic and clinical protocols. Follow-up examinations would provide all patients with a service/possible treatments. The Centre would perform translational biomedical research into ME using state-of-the-art research techniques and apply results from research more swiftly to patients. The Centre would be a UK/European hub for research. By locating in a research park then all facilities are already available.


    — Professor Ian Charles Director Quadram Institute

  • It is important to establish centres of clinical excellence that would provide a thorough clinical assessment of ME patients, provide tests that would address the clinical diagnosis, establish a data base of patients with all their clinical signs and symptoms, identify important clinical deficits an

    — Dr Ian Gibson

  • I really believe all this is due to the amazing job you have been doing through the years building up this network of research excellence connected to ME patients.It is said that if a boat is not pushed it will never advance… You are definitively the best motor the ME boat could have found

    — E - Researcher