Sumatran Orangutan Society

Protect and rewild the unique Sumatran rainforest

Northern Sumatra’s rainforests are irreplaceable. Some of the most unique and important forests on the planet, home to rare Tapanuli & Sumatran orangutans and other precious species. Supporting thousands of forest-edge communities, these ecosystems are key in the global fight against climate change.

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The rainforest at Batang Toru is the final stronghold for the rare Tapanuli orangutan: discovered in 2017, fewer than 800 remain on the planet. Local forest-edge communities rely on the same forest for small-scale farming to earn a living, but often their practices erode instead of enrich the land. Infrastructure projects for socio-economic development put pressure on too. With so many competing demands on the rainforest, we must support a sustainable pathway for the precious Tapanuli orangutans.


SOS supports our local frontline partners to train forest-edge communities to use regenerative farming techniques which enrich the land. We facilitate rights of access for communities to their forest, deliver training in orangutan-friendly farming methods; & plant and nurture carefully selected trees to provide economic and environmental benefits to communities and orangutans. Together we can protect and rewild the ecosystem to biodiverse forest so orangutans, people and the planet can thrive.

  • This program has changed my life. My income has increased and now I can even save a little money. I don’t get dizzy thinking about my children’s school fees any more.

    — Beneficiary from a forest-edge community, involved in tree nursery enterprise

  • The similarities we share with the orangutan are profound. We can see ourselves in their eyes. The pledge to save them is a pledge to save ourselves.

    — Dominic Monaghan