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STRIKE! A play by Tracy Ryan

STRIKE! tells the extraordinary story of the Dunnes Store Anti-Apartheid strike that took place in Dublin 1984-87 when a group of 11 young shop workers took a stand against oppression in South Africa. Our aim is to raise funds for a production and education resource to share this story more widely.

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Many people will not have heard about the strikers and the contribution they made to ending apartheid in South Africa. It's a story of solidarity and personal sacrifice that is less known outside of Ireland. The theatre industry needs to rebuild itself following the pandemic and ensure it’s a place for everyone to have a voice and experience it. Young actors, who have graduated into a cultural wilderness, need the opportunity to work professionally


To ensure this story is shared widely we will: • Produce STRIKE! for 4-weeks in London followed by a 3-week national tour that ends in Dublin. • Work with local communities to build new audiences for the play • Offer affordable ticket options for those on low incomes • Enlist press and marketing support to promote the play and the strikers’ story • Set up an online educational resource for schools and colleges as a lasting legacy • Commit to at least 2 actors being recent graduates

  • “I would like to make a plea to the owners. Here are young people of whom you ought to be proud, because these are people of such integrity. You should be glad that you have people of such calibre working for you. I would like to call on you to hear what they are trying to say.”

    — Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 1984

  • "With humour and humanity Strike! shows how the strikers refused to give in. In 1984 they were an inspiration to all those fighting apartheid: they remain an inspiration to everyone who wants a fairer and more equal world.”

    — Anti-Apartheid Movement Archives

  • "What is astonishing is how relevant it is today. It speaks to the challenges women continue to face as workers, and what steadfastness in the face of overwhelming odds can mean both personally and to making a difference."

    — Chitra Karve, Chair of Action for Southern Africa