Trees For Cities

Healthy Cities for a Healthy Planet

Urban trees create towns and cities that are healthier, happier, and greener places to live. This campaign will bring the multiple benefits of urban trees to the communities that need them the most, connecting them with nature and creating healthy cities for a healthier planet.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 22 April 2022 to 12:00 PM, 29 April 2022

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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United Kingdom


Green inequality has enormous consequences for us all. We know the lack of accessible green space disproportionately affects inner-city communities, and the consequences of this include unclean air, a lack of biodiversity and wildlife, and poor physical and mental health, to name a few. A recent report on dirty air in towns and cities in England showed that 3.1 million schoolchildren currently attend schools in areas with unclean air. It's time to act and improve the health of our cities, now!


By working with local communities with the most need, Trees for Cities is bringing the multiple benefits of urban trees right to their doorstep, & equipping them with the tools and skills to plant and protect urban trees for generations to come. By transforming school grounds with our Planting Healthy Air programme, we can ensure that children grow up surrounded by nature, forming a connection to the natural world from an early age, creating a healthy environment for them to thrive and flourish.

  • "As a result of the greening activities, the project has been perfect for bringing people together while simultaneously developing and encouraging the use of the green spaces around us. It’s been a great project to be involved in!"

    — Local Resident

  • “The trees outside my house have really uplifted the view. I really like the fruit trees because I can pick my own fruit like quince and crabapple. You can never have too many trees so it’s great there are more activities planned.”

    — Local Resident

  • The communities we work with are our partners in achieving change. Environmentalism demands universal action and activism; it cannot be something that exists in the fringes or for some sections of society

    — David Elliot, Trees for Cities CEO