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Bog Squad - Saving Scotland's Peatlands

The Bog Squad project works with volunteers to restore lowland bogs in Scotland to benefit wildlife, butterflies, and the environment. By rewetting peatland, we improve habitats for declining wildlife, mitigate against the effects of climate change, whilst also connecting people with nature.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 22 April 2022 to 12:00 PM, 29 April 2022

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Many of Scotland’s lowland bogs are in poor condition due to historic drainage for agriculture and forestry. These damaged bogs are drying out, leaking their vast deposits of carbon into the atmosphere contributing to climate change. Wildlife is suffering too as species which are highly adapted to living in tough boggy conditions, such as the Large Heath butterfly, are forced out by declining habitat quality.


Through volunteer action, we work to restore lowland bogs by carrying out actions to help re-wet them, so that natural flora and fauna can thrive, and peat formation can take place again in the future. Our volunteers help to keep bogs wet by blocking ditches and removing water-sapping invasive scrub. We will also be supporting volunteers to carry out a nationwide survey of the Large Heath butterfly on lowland bogs and highlighting the damage caused to the environment by using peat-based compost.

  • Since its inception the "Bog Squad" has been about people of all ages having fun while working to protect and restore some of Scotland’s most beautiful places, knowing they are also helping to mitigate climate change.

    — Tam Stewart - volunteer

  • I really enjoy my bog squad "holidays", As a fulltime carer it is a real joy to be able to switch off from day to day responsibilities, concentrate on the physical job in hand and meet a great selection of likeminded people with the added bonus of helping heal the planet!

    — A volunteer

  • Thanks to the help from the Bog Squad over the years, we have installed between 60 and 80 dams at Langlands Moss in all weathers and with people of all ages. What a brilliant achievement! We have had a lot of fun and laughter during our work days. Thank you Bog Squad!

    — Maureen Potter - Retiring Chair and one of the Founder members of the Friends of Langlands Moss

  • Scotland’s lowland peat bogs are in desperate need of help. That’s where the Bog Squad comes in - an enthusiastic, hardy group of volunteers. We are passionate about restoring bogs into a healthy environment where unique plants and insects thrive and where peat will once again be formed

    — A volunteer