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Cut the Crap Appeal

The ocean is being poisoned. Water companies are pumping raw, untreated sewage into our rivers and seas, with little to no consequences. And we’re sick of it. We need water companies to Cut the Crap NOW. Will you help fuel our ocean-saving work?

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 22 April 2022 to 12:00 PM, 29 April 2022

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Last year, water companies pumped raw, untreated sewage into UK waters for over 2.6 MILLION hours – saturating our rivers, lakes, and coast with toxic human waste. All with little to no consequences. But enough is enough. The chemicals, bacteria and viruses in sewage are crippling delicate ecosystems, destroying habitats, and making people seriously ill. We need to end to sewage pollution, and help protect the ocean from all that threatens it.


We’re demanding change from water companies, regulators and the government, and helping everyone fight for the ocean. New citizen science programmes will provide trustworthy data on the state of UK rivers and seas, to expose what’s really going on. We’re expanding our free pollution alert app, which keeps people safe by sharing real-time pollution warnings for their local swim spots. And our campaign to designate more rivers as official Bathing Waters will introduce vital water testing.

  • I used to swim in the river every day, mainly because it is excellent for my mental health. Then, in 2020, I became ill with severe ear infections. At the time my ear infections were directly attributed by the doctor to swimming in dirty river water.

    — Wild swimmer and SAS supporter

  • We need to protect the sea – everyone should have the right to be in, on or under the sea without having to worry about the impact on their health from sewage pollution. It’s unbelievable that the repeated discharging of CSOs means raw sewage is still regularly being pumped into our bathing waters.

    — Alasdair Steele, SAS Rep from Scotland

  • I went for a swim around 9:30, for about 20 mins. When I got home, I received the notification for Safer Seas & Rivers Service App about an alert of water pollution on the Cove. I thought I would be OK, thinking that the discharge just happened. But around 4pm I started having diarrhoea.

    — Sofia, SAS supporter from Portland

  • I've surfed in sewage and industrial waste for 42 years. I've surfed in Scotland with workers from Dounrae power station dressed in hazmat suits putting things picked from the beach in radiation proof bags. I've surfed in Cornwall and Yorkshire with shit and sanitary pads floating past.

    — Steve Crawford, SAS rep, North East