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Never Too Late - domestic abuse support, women 50+

Domestic abuse affects women of all ages and your donation will help women often left behind due to stigma, shame, lack of independent finance, mobility issues and family expectations. Help us support women aged 50 and over to keep safe and recover from the trauma of domestic abuse.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 8 March 2022 to 12:00 PM, 22 March 2022

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BCWA research shows that women over 50 are experiencing abuse for up to 15 years before reaching out for help. Women of this age often experience barriers to seeking out support due to a sense of shame and a stigma. Often the abuse has been going on for so long that the abuse is normalised. For others there is fear around upsetting the family dynamics after so long. Many don't realise there are services out there for the. No one is too old to receive support. It just isn't talked about much.


Weekly support groups will allow women over 50 to open up and talk freely with women in similar situations, and access safe, discreet, confidential support, . Meeting others with similar experiences reduces isolation and stigma; and increases skills and self-confidence. BCWA will also generate talks, events, resources and marketing materials to increase awareness of domestic abuse and support that's available.

  • "It was very much marriage for life, till death do us part"

    — Domestic Abuse Survivor, 62

  • “Oh well, but he opens the doors for you, you get taken on a holiday... I was seen by the majority of people as being spoiled, so it was like I was the ungrateful person”

    — Domestic Abuse Survivor, 72

  • “Thing it's if you're not bruised in any way physically that someone can see, you're not considered to be in an abusive relationship. And that's sort of where for my generation it was”

    — Domestic Abuse Survivor, 59