COVID-19 Recovery Sexual Violence Counselling

CRCC provides a specialist counselling service for women and girls subjected to sexual violence. Over the last two years, referrals to this service have increased by 183% due to the catastrophic impact of the pandemic. We are raising funds to enable us to meet this need and demand.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 8 March 2022 to 12:00 PM, 22 March 2022

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These are now unprecedented times, both for our service and for the women and girls we support. Our support has become life-saving not just life-changing. We are seeing more survivors of sexual violence reaching out to us than ever before in our 39 year history. We currently have 120 women and girls waiting for counselling and every week that number is increasing. Our counselling service does not have secure long-term funding. Nor has our funding increased to a level that matches demand.


Additional funding will enable us to get women and girls off the waiting list created by the pandemic and into life-saving trauma-informed counselling. Every £750 raised provides 15 counselling sessions for a survivor of sexual violence.

  • “I want to thank [my counsellor] for believing in me and not judging me. [My counsellor] also has given me strategies to cope. I cannot thank her enough, as if I hadn't received the support I wouldn't be here today."

    — Counselling service user

  • [My counsellor] was absolutely amazing! I cannot thank her enough for all her kind support and help. She was always so patient with me and so kind. It was lovely for once I felt I could trust someone 100% and she never judged me or anything."

    — Counselling service user

  • CRCC was there for me and my daughter in a most difficult time in our life...You gave me hope. Thank you so much for your patience, love, support, kindness and thoughtfulness. CRCC go above and beyond to support us."

    — Counselling service user

  • "I would not be who I am today. I will always be grateful to CRCC for welcoming me with kind, warm arms and listening without judgement".

    — Counselling service user