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EVA supports women and girls who are, or have been, victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. Our Families Forward project will help the non-abusive parent/s to better support their child as they journey through the 'cope and recovery' process

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 8 March 2022 to 12:00 PM, 22 March 2022

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It is often difficult for children and young people (CYP) to come to terms with the abuse they have experienced/witnessed, and this can leave parents and family members unsure of how to best support the CYP. To avoid saying the wrong thing and trigger a reaction, family members may choose to say silent, and struggle to be there with the right kind of support when their child needs it most. Also, families often wonder what support their child is getting from specialist support services like EVA


Our Families Forward Support Worker (FFSW) will bridge the gap between the family and the support services their child is in contact with. They will be given information on the support/therapy their child is receiving, and receive support themselves for how they cope with their own thoughts and feelings surrounding the abuse. The FFSW will be trained in family work and be knowledgeable/experienced in domestic abuse/sexual violence support, in turn supported by EVA's skilled specialist Team. The vast majority of the CYP we support are girls, and supporting vulnerable women and girls is what we do every day. The project is not solely focussed on the children of women who have been abused, but on those who have been abused themselves, to support that CYP and to liaise with them and their families who will then be in a better position to support them. The Families Support Worker would undertake that 'conduit' role, enabling families to communicate better and to understand the issues surrounding abuse. It is true that some of the referrals to this project will come as a result of working with the women themselves - we often find Mums asking if we can also support their daughters, either because they have been victims themselves, or are at risk of becoming so.

  • I hardly ever feel anxious now. I used to worry about going out bur now I can go out and engage in a range of activities. I am more confident now and feel safe and secure. I understand my feelings better and now I know how to manage these

    — Fiona, aged 16

  • Gemma was referred to EVA after being a victim of rape. She had panic attacks, thoughts of self-harm and felt unable to reach out in times of need. Gemma said; "I have a self-care Plan which helps me cope when I feel overwhelmed. I also have a 'support tree' of people I trust. I am more confident"

    — Gemma, aged 14