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Challenging Miscarriages of Justice of Women

Many women are wrongly criminalised and/or disproportionately punished for resisting male violence. This is due to a lack of understanding of domestic violence in the criminal justice system. Help us provide legal advice to women so that they may appeal wrongful convictions and unjust sentences.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 8 March 2022 to 12:00 PM, 22 March 2022

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Our research on Women who Kill, published in February 2021, revealed the devastating combination of criminal justice failures from before arrest to post conviction which has caused so many miscarriages of justice. Legal aid and expertise to help appeal convictions is extremely limited. Unable to secure further legal advice, these women are serving long prison sentences, separated from their children, and demonised by the media and society


CWJ’s lawyers and wider panel members have represented women who have successfully appealed murder convictions (including the recent cases of Sally Challen and Farieissia Martin). Our research has provided us with an extensive network of useful contacts. With funding for legal advice we can help women who have reached out to us for help, who are currently languishing in prison. Funds will help pay for work reviewing cases, paying for experts and preparing appeals where there are grounds

  • "a couple of days before the incident he said he would suffocate my two boys. He gave me rohypnol and raped me, and then said he was going to kill them and make me take the blame"

    — Interview 9, Women Who Kill research.

  • "I had this injunction out on him and he was still coming to the house at half one, two, three in the morning. Just wouldn’t stay away and then I’m in the house on my own."

    — Interview 2, Women Who Kill research.

  • "He told so many lies. He had weapons in his house. He put a gun to my head. Said he had been in the army. Showed me a dagger and said: "Leave me and I will kill you" 􏰘􏰆

    — Interview 17, Women Who Kill research.

  • "I have been let down and failed by … Police and all the other bodies involved, I am being punished by the system that was supposed to be there to help and protect me and all for something my ex-partner did."

    — Naomi, domestic abuse survivor