LIBRA - Lions International Blood Research Appeal

Going for Gold

We need your help to raise £300,000 to support the development of ward facilities, along with new and improved treatments for blood disorders and blood cancers at King’s College Hospital, London. Successful treatments will benefit patients in the UK and overseas.

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King's College Hospital urgently requires £300,000 of funding for its haematology department to help ensure that the best possible patient care and treatments are available to individuals suffering with blood cancers and blood disorders including leukaemia, lymphoma and sickle cell disease.


LIBRA is working hard to raise the funds with the support of the general public, members of Lions Clubs International, and King's patients and their families. Dame Kelly Holmes MBE is an amazing LIBRA supporter and she is helping us to raise awareness of the need for funds as she lost her own mother to Myeloma. We are encouraging supporters to donate or raise funds through sponsored events and other activities.

  • “The support that LIBRA has received for its Going for Gold Campaign is amazing, but we need to keep the momentum going to reach the target and help patients with blood cancers and blood disorders.”

    — Dame Kelly Holmes MBE