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Cannabinoid clinical trial: Treating Glioblastomas

Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common type of brain tumour in adults, and average survival is only 12-18 months. This hasn’t improved in 20 years and treatment options are limited. Cannabinoids may help treat GBMs and we urgently need funding to launch a clinical trial to test this treatment.

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  • [The trial] will give [people] hope that there could be life beyond a glioblastoma and that there are other treatments being trialled to support people to get on with their lives afterwards. Hopefully they’ll have the same response I’ve had that their scans start to show that everything is clear.

    — Stephen, living with a GBM who participated in one of the first Sativex trials in the UK

  • Before Laura’s diagnosis, none of us knew anything about brain tumours. Now we know that when you’re diagnosed with glioblastoma, you’re told you’re going to die. There’s no effective treatment, as there can be with breast cancer or prostate cancer.  It’s a death sentence.

    — Nicola, whose daughter Laura was diagnosed with a GBM and was told there’s no cure


Almost all GBMs recur, and with treatment options being severely limited, average survival is just 12-18 months from 1st diagnosis. Preliminary research suggests cannabinoids could directly and indirectly cause brain tumour cells to die, and early phase clinical studies suggest they could lead to improved outcomes for patients with high-grade gliomas. We urgently need to understand the potential benefit of cannabinoids; this could be the advance that’s so desperately needed for these patients.


We will fund ARISTOCRAT: a placebo-controlled, randomised trial for recurring glioblastoma in adults to establish whether adding cannabinoids (Sativex) to standard treatments prolongs survival or improves quality of life. Sativex is already prescribed for other conditions and this trial has been developed following promising results from the phase I trial. The results could be a game changer for the GBM community who are in desperate need of a breakthrough and ultimately, hope.