The Ben Kinsella Trust

Tackling Knife Crime and its Terrible Consequences

We are raising funds for our award-winning anti-knife crime workshops for children aged 10-16. These enable young people to learn about the dangers of knife crime and empower them to make decisions to keep themselves, and others, safe. This is vital right now, as knife crime is at record levels.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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Knife crime has reached record levels. 33% of children know at least one young person who carries knives - mostly for protection. However, 70% of young people in A&E with stab injuries have been stabbed with their own knife. Covid-19 restrictions temporarily reduced knife crime, but drivers of knife crime (poverty, tensions between young people) have worsened during the crisis. There has been an ‘eruption’ of stabbings since restrictions have lifted which shows no signs of slowing down.


We run anti-knife crime workshops for children, aged 10-16, in London and Nottingham. In these, young people move through 5 different themed rooms, guided by trained facilitators. We use a combination of age-appropriate role play, real life stories and quizzes to keep young people engaged. Overall, our workshops look at the consequences of knife crime on the victim, offender, family and the wider community. The workshops also teach young people how to make positive decisions to stay safe.

  • “No amount of words could ever express the daily pain we feel for the loss of Ben. On 29 June 2008 our beautiful son Ben was brutally and savagely stabbed to death. We as his family have been left devastated and in total despair. Our whole world has been totally turned upside down”.

    — Deborah Kinsella, Ben’s mum, from the victim impact statement read out to court

  • “[Following the workshop] the children feel every class from this school - in fact every school - should attend the workshop. They felt that their anxiety around knife crime had reduced, as they have now had opportunities to discuss the issues and have clearer ideas of how to manage difficult situat

    — Headteacher of a Primary School

  • “This shows that carrying a knife isn’t about standing your ground. You see how it affects others and it’s a wake up call.”

    — Young person, after attending a workshop

  • “No child is born holding a knife. It is a learned behaviour. Therefore, we must start with educating all young people that carrying, and using, a knife is not acceptable. Not for protection, not for posture, not for any reason at all. Prevention is almost certainly better than cure and early interv

    — Brooke Kinsella, Ben’s sister