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The Christie at Macclesfield

The Christie charity is aiming to raise £23 million for the construction of a new centre in Macclesfield where Christie patients will be able to receive outstanding cancer care, closer to home. For some patients in East Cheshire, coming to The Christie can mean a journey time of 2 hours or more.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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Fewer patients will have to commute more than the 45 minutes national guidance travel time each way for their daily radiotherapy. This will be a huge benefit to those who do not have access to transport or find travelling longer distances challenging particularly during their cancer treatment. Providing Christie care closer to home will enhance the patient experience during treatment, whilst still ensuring the best possible clinical outcomes.


Whilst a small amount of chemotherapy is currently available in Macclesfield, many patients, including all those having radiotherapy, currently have to travel to The Christie in Withington, South Manchester for the majority of their appointments. For those who live furthest away, this can mean hours spent travelling each day at a time when patients and their families are already very distressed. For radiotherapy in particular, patients may have to attend for treatment on a daily basis.

  • “One of the most exciting aspects of this new centre will be the opportunity to get more patients onto clinical trials, giving them access to new treatments. We hope that as many people as possible from Macclesfield and the surrounding areas will support our fundraising appeal"

    — Dr Lisa Barraclough - Christie consultant working at Macclesfield

  • “The new centre will transform cancer care, providing local specialist access to radiotherapy, chemotherapy and a wider range of clinical trials than at present. We need the support of the local community to make it happen though.”

    — Dr Victoria Lavin - Christie consultant working at Macclesfield

  • I’ve met patients who spend the whole day, for weeks at a time, getting to and from The Christie. Imagine that when you’re feeling sick, tired and exhausted. I’m very proud to be involved with this brand new centre because I firmly believe everybody should have access to the best cancer treatment, r

    — Dr Andrew Sykes - Director of Clinical Oncology at The Christie