The Leg Up Campaign

This is your chance to give amputees in The Gambia the ultimate Leg Up this year. Presenting, Legs4Africa's biggest ever fundraising campaign. Launching on the first day of The Paralympics, and ending on Christmas Eve we're about to do something ground-breaking, together...

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It ran from 7:00 AM, 24 August 2021 to 12:00 PM, 24 December 2021

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At just one major Gambian hospital alone 1 person is amputated every 3.5 days; with road traffic accidents and complications from diabetes causing the vast majority. Most of these individuals are unable to access the support and technology they need to cope with the challenges and the trauma limb loss can bring. We estimate there are 4,500 people in The Gambia in need of a prosthetic leg, and 80% of these will not receive any emotional or physical rehabilitation support.


We have been working in The Gambia since 2014. In that time we have delivered enough parts to build or repair nearly 400 prosthetic legs, we’ve increased capacity at the country’s only mobility centre and we’ve helped to establish peer support networks and counselling services for amputees in the community. Through this campaign, we will be able to continue supporting and expanding our services for the next two years - reaching even more people with limb differences.

  • It’s amazing to see the encouragement and change in mood that counselling can bring to amputees and their family, when I speak with them and they see me walking, they realise all is not lost.

    — Alieu Touray - Peer Counsellor, The Gambia

  • Donate to Legs4Africa because quite literally it's giving people in Africa the opportunity to take their first step into an active lifestyle.

    — Julie Rogers - Legs4Africa ambassador and Team GB Double Paralympian