Jacksons Lane

Christmas Day for otherwise alone older adults

Jacksons Lane throws open its doors on Christmas Day to provide lunch with all the trimmings, gifts, and a full day ofentertainment to over 200 elderly and disabled people who would otherwise be spending the day alone. We work to ensure the most vulnerable in our community have a special Christmas.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1119318)

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United Kingdom


The pandemic has had a huge impact on older adults, leaving them at increased risk of loneliness. Research shows that in the UK, more than half of old people aged 75+ live alone, and Christmas can feel particularly isolating. With another potential spike in infections in the winter Christmas 2021 will be a vital time for community to come together and support each other. Therefore, we aim to give as many people as possible who would otherwise be alone, the chance to spend Christmas with others.


Supported by an army of dedicated volunteers, we will offer a unique event to reach hundreds of older adults across North London on Christmas Day, with food, presents, circus, music and online sessions live streamed. We will offer a combination of our traditional sit-down lunch in our building, along with a Christmas meal delivery service run from a local community space. This way we will be able to meet the growing demand and provide support, company and warm food on such an emotional day.

  • Diana loved Jacksons Lane and was so proud to be part of the community there. She talked about the warm atmosphere and she always felt included. You were a godsend to her for so many Christmases, welcoming her on a day when otherwise she might have been on her own. She always spoke warmly of you all

    — Louisa, Diana's niece

  • There are no adequate words to describe being part of such and amazing experience. Thank you for the extraordinary lengths that everyone went to, to make this all happen. Such a heart warming experience to witness such overwhelming kindness and compassion...

    — Linda, Volunteer