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Double Donation to Your Local Pantry this Winter

Your Local Pantry is a network of over 50 community-led food clubs in areas of high poverty and food insecurity. Households become members and save on average £15 on their weekly shop improving access to fresh fruit, vegetables, and essentials for 29,000 adults and children in 10,000 households.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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United Kingdom


Everyone has the right to food but 8.4 million people in the UK experience food insecurity. Household food insecurity is caused by poverty, not by too little food. Key drivers of household food insecurity are low income caused by the operation and adequacy of the benefits system, low wages and insecure work; and the rising cost of living. Due to the events of the pandemic food insecurity is growing. More households are now struggling to access the basic foods they need each week.


Your Local Pantry is reducing food insecurity for over 29,000 adults and children in 10,000 households across a network of 50 pantries. For households that visit the Pantry each week, their food basket is worth over £20, saving members an average of around £15, which is at least £780 per year. Your donations will ensure that more people have access to fresh and healthy food and cupboard essentials over the winter months when budgets have to stretch more than other times of the year.

  • Helping people have hope, that’s what the Pantry is about - helping people have hope, dignity and choice. Even if you don’t have anything else, if you have those, you can survive.

    — Volunteer at Peckham Pantry

  • I was going through some financial challenges, I still am. I am a mother of four including three growing teenagers and a grown-up son, and I am a student as well. I work part-time and I was affected by the Covid as I am part of the hospitality sector and partly self-employed.

    — Member at St Andrew’s Pantry, Liverpool

  • Being a Pantry member has made a dramatic difference to my financial situation. As a single parent, things can be extremely tight. The Pantry provides plenty to enable me to prepare meals and snacks. And the staff are a bonus! It’s taken a burden from my shoulders.

    — Member at Dusty Forge Pantry, Cardiff

  • It’s just given us a little breathing space, allowing us to supplement our grocery shopping with a couple of extras! I plan my weekly shopping around the Pantry. I go Friday morning, see what I get that day, and see what else I need to buy to make a meal with the Pantry items.

    — Member at Brinnington Pantry, Stockport