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Gosforth Civic Theatre - Survive and Thrive

Gosforth Civic Theatre is a fringe theatre in Newcastle, we are here because a group of people with learning disabilities wanted to open a theatre for everyone to enjoy. It brings people together and shows what people with learning disabilities can contribute to society.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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Historically society has created places for people with learning disabilities to go, this has meant that this group of people are often segregated with few opportunities to demonstrate their social worth. This segregation has also meant members of the public have often had few or no opportunities to get to know people with learning disabilities, therefore fear of, and misconceptions about people with learning disabilities have developed.


We have always aimed to raise the publics expectations of what people with learning disabilities can achieve. We do this by creating high quality performance and film work for a public audience. Now we also have our own 200 seat theatre that provides a relaxed opportunity to bring people with learning disabilities and members of the public together on a daily basis. We programme high quality theatre, dance, cinema and music and sell great coffee for everyone, in return we get social change.

  • We want to provide something for the community, instead of it being the other way around… here [Gosforth Civic Theatre] people can see that we’ve got skills, that we can be useful .

    — ED, Liberdade Company member

  • Our family really hopes you survive this terrible time as we love the Gosforth Civic Theatre. Our son loves his drama classes and we love the cafe, the shows and the community.

    — Jenny, audience member

  • From music concerts, podcasts recordings and the kids doing retro gaming Gosforth Civic Theatre is a really important local venue.

    — Audience Member

  • Thanks for the music. It made my summer. It lifted the spirits engaging with such a variety of live music in a lovely atmosphere and safe surroundings.

    — Jean, Audience Member