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Dismantling Poverty, Creating Opportunity

Dismantle poverty and challenge inequality by supporting us to make the world a fairer place for everyone! We will create opportunities for people facing homelessness by equipping them with skills and confidence to raise themselves out of poverty whilst earning an income selling The Big Issue.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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United Kingdom


The UK’s richest 1% hold nearly a quarter of national wealth. At the same time over half a million households could become homeless following the end of the Evictions Ban and Furlough scheme. Demand for our services is rising with more and more vulnerable people living in poverty and at immediate risk of homelessness turning to The Big Issue for support. Before the pandemic we supported 2,060 people each year yet since April 2021, over 200 more people have requested our help.


The Big Issue offers a ‘Hand up, not a Handout’ to people that choose to work themselves out of poverty. Over the past 3 years, The Big Issue has allowed 6,765 people living in poverty to self-generate a collective income of over £12.54m. We are now expanding our offer beyond the magazine to include community social enterprises - such as city EBikes - to reduce waste and carbon emissions whilst addressing local issues and providing fairly paid employment for people living in poverty.

  • Selling The Big Issue for me and my partner Paul is our job. From finding ourselves homeless and feeling like we were nothing to waking up on a Monday morning with real purpose, getting our mags and conversing with the public about what being homeless is really about.

    — Susan, Bristol Big Issue vendor

  • I'm a 45 year old man that suffers from a plethora of mental health disorders. The support The Big Issue Foundation has given me will result in me having the keys to my own front door in my hand and I couldn't begin to describe the enormity of the problems this solves. God bless you all!

    — Jason, London Big Issue vendor

  • The Big Issue and Natalie have been brilliant; lifesaving stuff because without them I’d probably be drinking again, outside on my own. Thank you for all the phone calls and allowing me to share. Telephone calls have helped me keep on the right path again.

    — Liam, Birmingham Big Issue vendor.

  • I’ve recently come off the streets just as Covid hit. I’ve been very overwhelmed and feeling unable to cope. This is my first flat ever. I was scared I won’t lie to you; I’m adjusting to what the public call a normal life. If it wasn’t for your calls everyday, I simply wouldn’t be coping.

    — Jill, Bath Big Issue vendor