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It’s no secret that the pandemic has caused devastation to millions of lives across the UK, and now we are returning to ‘normal’, it’s easy to put that year and a half behind us, and strive to move on. But for the younger generation, a year and a half can be life changing.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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The pandemic caused disruption to learning for 11 million young people in the UK and socio-economic disadvantage is more apparent than ever. Youth unemployment has been anticipated to rise by 163%, yet less than half of secondary school, college and university students currently have access to careers support. The impact of the pandemic will continue to affect the world of work for years to come, and young people will need support to re-adjust. That help comes from showing them the variety of careers that exist, the skills employers need, and how to find the jobs that their skills are best suited for.


We know the significant impact positive role models can have on career success, with evidence showing that students who have four or more interactions with business role models are five times more likely to be in education, employment or training. At F4S we make it possible for all educators to empower young people through these encounters and bring careers education to life, raising their aspirations and giving them confidence in their future careers. Support F4S today, and your donation will be doubled, meaning your support will have twice the impact. With your help, we can raise social mobility, inclusivity and equal access to prosperous careers, levelling the playing field for the young people who need us most.

  • “These young people are 0% of our current workforce, but 100% of our future workforce”

    — Ian Funnell, CEO Hitachi ABB Powergrids

  • "As a teacher, F4S offered variety to me, and my students really benefitted from having something constant. Covid-19 called for a virtual approach to my careers curriculum and F4S made that transference really easy."

    — Mike, Teacher, UK

  • "I thought the role models were really inspirational, and it showed me that anyone can achieve what they want if they really try."

    — Mona, Student, UK

  • "My students felt the negativity of lockdown, especially year 10 and 12 whose work experience had been cancelled. F4S provided me with an additional arm to my largely cancelled careers curriculum that could be easily transferred to my students in the comfort and security of their homes."

    — Deborah, Teacher, UK