Grassroots Suicide Prevention

Preventing suicide together

Suicide takes lives and wounds communities. But active feelings of suicide don't last forever. Which is why the right support at the right time, from anyone, can be lifesaving. Your gift will give people and communities the skills and resources to keep others safe. Together, we can prevent suicide.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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Championed by The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust


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United Kingdom


Every year in the UK, an estimated 120,000 people attempt suicide. 6,000 people die. Tragically, most people who attempt suicide don’t want to die. They just want their pain to end. And, in that moment, they can’t see another way out. That’s why the right support at the right time, from anyone, can be lifesaving. Suicide is preventable if people, communities, and organisations work together. But stigma, lack of resources, and lack of knowledge around suicide get in the way.


We educate, equip and empower a diverse range of people, communities, and organisations so they can be there for those around them: from skaters to gamers, police officers to social workers. Our training, free tools and resources, and anti-stigma campaigns give people ways to cope and the skills to keep others safe. Our work means anyone can play a part in keeping themselves and others safe. This powerful, community-led model saves lives.

  • Everyone should attend this kind of training. Suicide is more common than we might think. It might happen or affect us all, directly or indirectly, so it is vital to allow ourselves to know what we can do. We have power to literally save lives.

    — Sam, Grassroots Training Participant

  • When I'm feeling suicidal, Grassroots' StayAlive app keeps me safe. I've asked all my friends and family to download it too.

    — Ben, StayAlive App User

  • Grassroots' StayAlive booklet is literally life-saving for our clients, who often don't have access to technology.

    — St Mungo's, Homelessness Charity

  • A family member attempted suicide. Had I watched Grassroots' Real Talk interactive film, it might have helped prevent it.

    — Real Talk interactive film viewer