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Challenging Police Perpetrated Abuse

Victims of domestic abuse are being failed by the very system meant to protect them. When women are abused by men working within the police they struggle to be heard. Your donations will provoke change in how police deal with abusers within the force and provide access to justice for failed victims.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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Over 150 women who have suffered domestic abuse from serving police officers have contacted us to share their experience and seek advice. We know there are many others. Some have been unable to report their abuser as it would mean reporting him to his own work colleagues. Others, who have reported, found investigations poor with officers closing ranks to protect their own. Several of the women were bullied, harassed and victimised. It is rare for the perpetrator to be prosecuted or disciplined.


We aim to bring about structural change to the way such complaints are investigated and dealt with. We will work with the women who have already contacted us, and with any new survivors that come forward. We have a panel of around 200 lawyers to whom we can refer legal cases and we work with frontline service providers who can provide support. We will use evidence collated from these cases to bring about change through advocacy and strategic litigation where appropriate.

  • What the police did to me was worse than all of the sexual, emotional and financial abuse combined. I was abused by one man. And then i was let down by an entire police force.

    — Dana* name changed for anonymity

  • I was shockingly let down by the police. I was a victim of abuse, but was treated and pursued as if I were the perpetrator.

    — Louise* name changed for anonymity

  • Silenced by my abuser, silenced by my colleagues. Without CWJ it would not have been possible to start to tell my story. CWJ is at the forefront of revealing decades of abuse within the police, how we can positively change this culture and support the victims.

    — Sarah* name changed for anonymity