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Reducing poverty & improving livelihoods in Malawi

We will help reduce poverty experienced by farmers in an extremely isolated part of Malawi. We will do this by helping them farm using climate-adaptive methods, improve their produce and access markets to increase household income while building resilience to climate shocks.

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (1185889)

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90% of households in Nkhata Bay North are smallholder subsistence farmers, with 58% of them living below the national poverty line. Coupled with climate shocks, land degradation and deforestation, they face frequent food shortages and economic instability. These challenges are exacerbated further by farmers having poor access to markets and business skills, which results in many farmers being unable to earn the income they need to support their families.


We will establish and support local Farmers Associations, teaching them about climate-resilient farming and business skills. Together they will create business plans and pool crops to sell at market, which strengthens their bargaining position. Helping farmers refine their produce and providing training in branding will increase revenues. Farmer Associations will re-distribute profits to their members - meaning families have a cash income and can save and invest for the future.

  • Thanks to Temwa, I planted more in my farm and I expect high yields, so can have more food for myself and my family

    — Joyce Mhone - Community Farmer

  • Temwa doesn’t just give help in the moment, they teach you to apply skills and knowledge, to look towards the future

    — Branco Banda - Community Farmer