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Built in 1857 Shoreham Fort, West Sussex has such a unique and diverse history. When the story of the fort is told the bricks and mortar come to life... This Victorian fortification has links to the Charge of the Light Brigade, Nicholas Lyndhurst and so much more... Help us keep her story alive.

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Our heritage is being lost, without the Friends of Shoreham Fort, Shoreham Fort will be left to deteriorate, as its remote location leaves it wide open to the elements and serious cases of vandalism, which have been even more evident through Covid, due to the volunteers being unable to be on site.


By the maintenance and conservation of the site the Friends of Shoreham Fort will ensure that our future generations will be able enjoy this hidden gem on the south coast. By rebuilding our hugely popular outreach programme we will ensure every generation has an opportunity to learn about the unique and diverse history that the site holds.

  • Camaraderie isn't just for the armed forces, it's alive and well amongst the volunteers at the Fort

    — Peter C

  • Never have so few pulled together as a team, to preserve history for so many people and generations

    — Bruce C

  • Great things in charities are never done by one person, they are done by a team of volunteers. Teamwork makes the Dream Work...

    — Lauren P

  • I work with pride knowing that I make a difference to our heritage with people I now call family

    — Gary B