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Keeping children in safe and loving families

Children need families to thrive. We can make sure every child in Uganda grows up in a safe and loving family, instead of an orphanage. We train community volunteers, support families at risk of losing their children and reintegrate children currently living in orphanages back into families.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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  • Community Support & DevelopmentCommunity Support & Development
  • Education/Training/EmploymentEducation/Training/Employment
  • Poverty Alleviation/ReliefPoverty Alleviation/Relief


  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
  • Infants (<2)Infants (<2)
  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)




In Uganda, families in poverty and crisis are forced to give up their children to orphanages in the hope of a better life. These families are extremely vulnerable, marginalised and at a very high risk of abuse, neglect and isolation. Without appropriate support, children are at risk of being placed in an orphanage, even though they have a family. Those children currently living in orphanages are condemned to a life with no community and a greatly reduced chance to fulfil their potential.


We will provide intense physical and mental health, housing, family and social relationship, education and livelihoods support to families at risk of separation. We will train a network of community volunteers to keep these families protected and taken care of locally. We will work with local orphanages to reintegrate children and young people back into their biological families and, when that’s not possible or safe, Child’s i trained and approved foster and Ugandan adoptive families.

  • “No children at risk were placed in orphanages during the pandemic as we were able to quickly place them in safe and loving families with approved foster carers in the district”.

    — Evelyn Nanteza, Project Manager Tororo