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A lack of investment, and more recently Covid-19, has meant aspiring and emerging performers do not have easy or consistent access to support in Somerset. We aim to ensure that people who want to become professional performance makers can, and that culture in Somerset has a future.

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The theatre industry is centred around London and the South East. This creates a lack of opportunity for professional performance makers, aspiring artists, and audiences to work in and experience live performance in the rest of the country. Wassail exists to make sure that within Somerset performers and audiences are able to access high quality theatre by removing financial and geographical barriers. This has become even more important given the impact Covid-19 has had on the arts sector.


Wassail will create the opportunities that are currently lacking in Somerset through commissioned programmes of work. Our Big Give campaign is dedicated to creating opportunities for aspiring performers. Supported by established professionals, we will offer paid mentoring, shadowing, training, and the opportunity to create and participate in the aforementioned commissioned theatre work. In doing so we will address the provision gap in Somerset, helping to develop and retain talent in the county.

  • "Only with Wassail would you be taking part in a pub quiz, have an Elvis impersonator sitting on your lap and a heartbroken horsewoman sprawled on your table singing haunting folk ballads. Horses! Horses! is thoughtful, hilarious and beautiful."

    — Audience member

  • "F**k the Royal Shakespeare Company! I'd rather see this any day of the week."

    — Audience member