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Helping children with special needs through music.

The Jessie’s Fund Special Schools' Programme: developing the role of music in communication and learning for children with complex needs, working closely with staff in the classroom to build their musical skills and confidence, and embedding music into the everyday life of a special school.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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Music has been shown to activate many areas of the brain and is unique in its ability to overcome physical and mental barriers. For children who cannot speak, music can offer a window through which they can communicate and for all children, music can open doors to learning. However, music specialists in special schools are rare and staff often lack the skills and confidence to deliver music in the classrooms. Many children are missing out on something that could transform their lives.


Our journey with a special school starts with an introductory workshop, progresses to a two-week creative project and then a one-year staff development project. Throughout, we work intensively with staff in classrooms to develop their skills in music and ensure our input has lasting impact. Experience has shown us that almost every curriculum subject can be taught effectively through music. Moreover, participation in musical activity improves both a child’s social skills & emotional well-being.

  • 'I can really see how for some children this can completely change how they feel about their day at school, seeing a Year 2 pupil's face and body alter as soon as the music starts and the way he responds with such delight is really beautiful.'

    — Teaching Assistant, Coldfall Primary School

  • 'I have just done a lesson observation on Jen, our Newly Qualified Teacher, who delivered a Jessie’s Fund session. I have never come out of a lesson observation and cried before - it was just so lovely. She has really worked hard on it and delivered it so well with such engagement from the pupils.'

    — Kerry Dunbobbin, Deputy Headteacher, James Rennie School

  • 'I just wanted to email to say that I have just seen the new Jessie's Fund video ... it was absolutely fantastic and spot-on for what schools need right now. We are on a 3-week rolling program with different staff each week but the same students, material like this is fantastic for continuity.'

    — Adam Featherstone, Teacher, Priory Woods School

  • 'Jessie's Fund came in not only to work with our children, but to train our teachers and learning support staff to carry on with music once they'd left. So now we have music coming out of all the classrooms, walking along the corridors, and we're famous in Solihull and Birmingham!'

    — Jane Davenport, Headteacher, Reynalds Cross School