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Save Wellingara Health Centre

Faulty Electrical Wiring has rendered the Wellingara Health Centre unsafe for patients and staff.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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Faulty electrical wiring puts the clinic at risk of closure and potentially could start a fire which would leave the population of Wellingara without access to medical care. Rewiring both the mains and solar systems to British Standards will ensure the facility can remain open and continue to treat patients.


We will employ a competent contractor and purchase good quality cable, fixtures, conduit, circuit breakers and RCD (mains) - and battery and charge controller (solar).

  • Wellingara Health Centre is a vital part of its community in the Gambia. However the building is unsafe and desperately needs rewiring so it can continue to provide essential services safely. Do please help us to achieve our goal of rewiring the health centre to the appropriate standard.

    — Lady Kira Dalton, founder of the African Oyster Trust (AOT)

  • The Gambian Management Team ask for your generosity in donating to our Wellingara Health Centre. It has been very difficult here in the pandemic and our country's main source of income through tourists has gone. Being able to make the health centre safe would make a huge difference to the community.

    — Kemo Bah, Fanding Manjang, Ansumana Manjang and Seine Dampah (Gambian Management Team)

  • Please help us rewire the Health Centre. Our work would be much easier if we could have a good, safe light and power supply. Sometimes it goes off in the middle of suturing a wound and we cannot use the lab equipment we have in case we blow a fuse. We are very nervous of a fire. Thank you very much

    — Dembo Njie, a nurse at Wellingara Health Centre