Preparing families for the future

We will help families of people with learning disabilities through consistent & expert support to; access information, networks & develop the tools needed to plan for the future. Support will be tailored to each family’s needs via workshops & family support sessions helping reduce isolation.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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Families of people with learning disabilities have told us that they can feel very alone without any consistent support networks and are confused about where to find peer connections & reliable advice. Often families can feel disconnected regarding the care of their child and what will happen when they are gone. Some conversations are difficult to have and support staff do not always know the best advice to give to families to help them feel more connected, engaged and supported


We propose alleviating the confusion regarding where to find advice and better plan for the future with a clear roadmap of family support sessions, workshops and co-produced resources. We will reduce isolation through get together events that will provide a safe space to discuss feelings and involve the whole family. We will increase connectivity by creating peer support networks and work towards face to face events. Support staff will receive training to better support families.

  • Meeting other families and hearing their fears and struggles makes you realise you are not alone in having these issues and that there are people to help even if it is to just listen

    — Parent

  • The fear of dying and information not being passed on fills me with such worry. Years go by and we still are no closer. Knowing we can work closely with the staff team to have these important conversations moving forwards in the future reduces feelings of anxiety for both me and my husband

    — Parent

  • I had never been offered any kind of family support by any previous care provider, so I was interested, but also because I wondered whether anybody would feel as I do.

    — Sibling