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Lifeline through lockdown, leader for change

People with M.E. still face ignorance, injustice and neglect. With scientists predicting a rise in M.E. following Covid-19 infection we must ensure that people who have had M.E. for years are not left behind and that we drive effective change in research, treatments and care for the future.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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There is a huge gap in services for people with M.E. with many areas having no provision at all. Many people currently diagnosed have lived years, sometimes decades, without support or treatment, facing serious stigma. Scientists have warned that COVID-19 can lead to neurological problems like M.E. If even a fraction of the projected 2 million people with long Covid (Government REACT Survey 2021) go on to develop M.E. the already critical lack of services could become an emergency.


Action for M.E. is the only UK charity supporting people with M.E. of all ages while leading ground-breaking research. We must bring more investment and people into field by driving collaborations and fostering leaders in biomedical research. While working to create this more hopeful future, we will continue to support those whose M.E. means lockdown isn't over, growing our services for young people and adults to reduce isolation, and share key information, advocacy and understanding.

  • "In many ways my life hasn't changed as a result of lockdown as I've had over 20 years’ experience of learning the skills to cope; it's as if the rest of the world has joined my world...know there's an organisation campaigning for those with the condition and their carers has been of great support.”

    — David has been living with M.E. for 25 years.

  • “For most people lockdown has eased, but for me and other people with M.E., lockdown has gone on for years and will continue to. Please don’t forget us, as you carry on with your life.”

    — Olivia, 10 years old

  • “M.E. comes like a thief – it steals your health, your social life, your career, your dreams and so much more, with no way of knowing whether you’ll ever get them back.”

    — Laura has lived with M.E. for eight years.