Music Camp: Bringing music to the great outdoors

Music Camp is a 2-day residential at the beautiful YHA Ilam Hall, Peak District for Nottingham City children (ages 9-10). Combining musical learning with outdoor games and play, the camp inspires children to continue their musical journey and become more confident and motivated.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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53% of children (in Nottingham City) give up learning music after the first year, which means that they lose out on the many benefits of making music with others, including improved literacy, numeracy, confidence & motivation. Nottingham is the 11th most deprived district in the country and many families cannot afford high quality music provision as programmes are not affordable and often not designed with the needs of city pupils, who need more support as they may not always get it from home.


This camp is for pupils who have just finished their 1st year of music education. It inspires them by 2 exciting days of musical learning in a new environment. The activities encourage pupils to join afterschool 'Area Bands' which run all year long & help children become better musicians, improving their learning, confidence & engagement with school. To make the camp accessible to everyone, schools are charged just £25 per pupil with further financial support available.

  • The children get so much out of Music Camp. I am always amazed by how much they can do by the end of the second day. Thank you!

    — Primary school staff member

  • For some of these children Music Camp will be a gateway into a lifelong love of playing and listening to music. It brings them self confidence and an increased self esteem.

    — Primary school music teacher

  • I can help my brother to read music now!

    — City pupil attending camp

  • It’s great here, I’ve learnt lots of new things and made new friends too.

    — City pupil attending camp