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Ongoing Covid recovery - affordable, flexible training for leaders to transform local communities, and subsidised learning, adventure and fellowship to 4,000 young people, including those suffering from multiple forms of deprivation, through action-packed holidays and term-time schools residentials.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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United Kingdom


Currently there are deep-seated issues in the heart of our society. Communities across the UK and Ireland are struggling with: • social isolation, including amongst the elderly • a lack of support for families, especially when family life breaks down • mental health, addictions and a range of complex other well-being challenges • social, economic and other forms of deprivation • dissatisfaction and unrest amongst younger people • insufficient resources including facilities and human resources.


Public services and the state are not in a position to help many. However, CPAS has national scope and presence which supports men, women and children in thousands of church communities throughout the UK & Ireland. We deliver community-focused training in a variety of forms to church leaders, teams and congregations through tailored events around the country. Ventures, Falcons and School Ventures provide opportunities for children of all faiths and none to enjoy fun activities and education.

  • ‘I hope to go to a church when I go to university and also stay in touch with friends and leaders from the Venture via social media.’

    — Sophia, 18

  • Some children had emotional issues and some learning difficulties on a School Venture: 'I did a quick scan around the room during the teaching and saw that over 80% of the children were fully engaged. I wish I could achieve that in my classroom!'

    — Year 3/4 Teacher

  • 'Really helpful - CPAS have been bang on the money all through the pandemic - the best source of guidance and perspective I have been able to access!'

    — Local Leader

  • ‘The CPAS training is giving us tools, inspiration and confidence for evangelism.’

    — Michael, Vicar