Prisoners of Conscience Appeal Fund

Human rights for one is human rights for all

Following an act of conscience to uphold human rights, prisoners of conscience are often intimidated, imprisoned, tortured and forced to flee their countries. PoC provides financial and practical support across more than 25 countries to transform their lives, both in the short and longer term.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 30 November 2021 to 12:00 PM, 7 December 2021

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All over the world, people are persecuted for standing up for their and others’ human rights and beliefs. Prisoners of conscience and human rights defenders experience many forms of persecution. They may lose their jobs, be harassed, threatened, imprisoned, often in solitary confinement, or tortured. Many ‘disappear’, and others are murdered. Some are able to escape or forced into exile. If they manage to flee to another country, they frequently arrive traumatised, destitute, and fearful.


We strive to enable beneficiaries to live safe, independent lives through financial and practical support. Financial support: emergency hardship, family reunion and re-qualification grants at a time of greatest need.Practical support: a package of assistance and involvement which includes signposting for specialist services, an employability panel to improve training and employment opportunities, an on-line forum to promote integration into their new societies and volunteering opportunities.

  • "The grant allowed me to complete both an academic and professional qualification. The psychological benefit is by far the greatest because these achievements strengthened my confidence and self-efficacy, with immediate positive impact on my entire family."

    — Dorian, prisoner of conscience

  • “I cannot thank Prisoners of Conscience donors enough. You are changing lives and making dreams come true. I will always be extremely grateful to you.”

    — H*, teacher and political activist in Sudan

  • “The support which PoC provides to prisoner of conscience is vital to keep them alive, safe and able to transform their lives following their brave acts of conscience. By standing up for their and others’ human rights, prisoners of conscience help to protect the rights of all of us."

    — Zoe Wanamaker, supporter and patron