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Telephone Support Groups for Older People & Carers

Telephone Support Groups are telephone-based social groups for people. The groups are especially good for those people who struggle with feelings of loneliness or isolation. Each group is comprised of 5- 6 people. The call will run for between 15 and 45 minutes per scheduled session. Its free

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United Kingdom


PramaLife have identified that older people and carers in Dorset (especially rural Dorset) can experience significant isolation/loneliness, e.g. because of not having a car, lack of public transport, inability to access online technology etc. This has become exasperated due to Covid19. In addition, many resources for carers / older people have been moved online but this left many older people & carers unable to access services, support and peer friendship.


The telephone support groups build strong relationships in and across communities, developing resilience amongst vulnerable older people/carers. The groups bring people together, especially those who find it difficult engaging with others e.g. because of long term health needs, the pandemic, and/or caring responsibilities. We have enabled peer support groups to develop organically, where participants share their experiences, offer solutions and problem solve together.

  • "This group is a lifeline for me and John. As his carer the group offers me emotional support and as well it’s a great source of socialising/stimulation for John."

    — Sharon

  • "This group brings friendship, laughter, and joy of understanding what everyone has learnt through life. Each person has a story to tell."

    — Edith

  • “I have been physically and mentally ill for many years and have felt very welcome and made friends.”

    — Chris