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Wilderness therapy, outdoor experiences and educational activities to help enable vulnerable people to overcome their challenges and take control of their lives via specialist one-to-one and group support, with conservation work to help promote empowerment, responsibility, resilience and confidence.

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People struggling with their mental health, behavioural issues and emotional resilience who need extra support to help them get back on track. The most vulnerable young people and adults in society, who are facing a raft of social issues including trauma, grief, addiction, anxiety, depression and emotional and behavioural problems. These issues are only heightened through the pandemic along with isolation through social distancing and a disconnection to society and the local community.


Through Wilderness therapy, outdoor experiences, one-to-one mentoring, and environmental educational activities we work with vulnerable people to help overcome their challenges and take control of their lives. The nature experience also gives people the space and time to explore the outdoors in a safe environment. Activities include conservation and bushcraft skills alongside therapy which helps build self-esteem whilst discovering the importance of our connection to nature and our wellbeing.

  • Before I started TurnAround I was like a deflated ball, I had lost my bounce. I was no longer useful and was left to survive on my own. Then an opportunity was given, and each time I attended was like pumping a little bit of air into me, gradually filling up.

    — TurnAround - Wilderness Therapy Programme, participant