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Making food good for people and the planet

Our food system is broken. Global food production is one of the biggest drivers of climate change and deforestation. For many, the pandemic has made it even harder to access good food. Feedback works to build a movement for food justice, to create a food system that works for people and the planet.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 22 April 2021 to 12:00 PM, 29 April 2021


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  • Feedback’s participation in The Climate Coalition is pivotal in ensuring food production and diets remain at the top of the agenda to enable the transition towards net zero emissions.

    — Clara Goldsmith, Campaigns Director, The Climate Coalition

  • We are so grateful that Feedback brought gleaning to Sussex – it’s a vital part of our local network and we look forward to working together with our new community food processing social enterprise.

    — Vic Borrill, Director, Brighton and Hove Food Partnership

  • [Feedback] give me hope. They dig deeply and practically, which is important to me, into our food system – not just fighting waste at farm level with their Gleaning Network but organising public feasts, bringing the pleasure of food to masses of people, and helping build new food systems.

    — Sheila Dillon, journalist and presenter, BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme


The environmental impact of our food is often overlooked. Food represents all the precious resources required to produce it, like land and water. ⅓ of all food is wasted globally; when food goes to landfill, those resources are wasted and emissions increased. This impact increases for products like factory farmed meat, which requires large amounts of feed - and thus resources - to produce. Food access is also a significant issue, with millions in the UK facing food insecurity even before Covid.


To address these issues, we have to build a better food system, and we have to do it now. Our solution is to work towards creating a system, from farm to fork, that reduces the impact of our food on the climate, is less wasteful and enhances nature instead of destroying it. We’re working towards a system that centres food justice, ensuring everyone can access good food and farmers are paid a fair wage, a system that builds up local economies and offers pathways to food/farming employment.