Swansea Community Farm

Grazing is amazing!

We are looking for funds to help feed and look after our amazing conservation grazers. They vary from goats, to pigs to donkeys and all have an essential role in managing the farm and the Local Nature Reserve to the back of our Farm for the benefit of the wider community's wellbeing!

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 22 April 2021 to 12:00 PM, 29 April 2021

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  • The grazing of the heath benefits biodiversity and this protects people. Grazing livestock on native grasslands mimics the action of our extinct large herbivores which native plants and habitats require to thrive. Well managed grazing is an essential part of the biogenic (natural) carbon cycle.

    — Emma Douglas, PONT Cymru

  • The grazing project on the Heath brings the farm closer to the community of Blaenymaes and has increased people’s curiosity and value in the area and the environment. Having the farm on the edge of a regeneration area provides the community with a wealth of opportunities, knowledge and skills.

    — Kate McCabe, Pobl Housing


We are addressing the loss of habitat for key species (such as the Marsh Fritillary Butterfly and Scabious Mining Bee) from our Local Nature Reserve by using our animal super heroes to help graze the reserve during the day- the grazing will improve the soil and remove invasive species. Regular fires and a lack of care for the reserve have increased the inhospitality of the site and it is unable to perform fully as the urban carbon sink it should be.


Grazing the rhos pasture means reduced risk of fire, more local engagement in the area and rejuvenating an urban heathland. We provide opportunities for people living in deprivation to access green spaces and get involved in a unique wellbeing and environmentally focussed city farm project. This joined up approach between community action, wellbeing initiatives and environmental action will have an impact on health, skills and improve knowledge and admiration for community green spaces.