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Because it takes a community to restore a forest

Deforestation threatens us all. There are many tree planting initiatives, but not all succeed. The funds raised will help us deliver and promote the most effective and sustainable kind of tree planting - community led forest restoration - across Africa and the UK.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 22 April 2021 to 12:00 PM, 29 April 2021


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  • The work that ITF does is so much more than just planting trees, and their work has exceeded our expectations. One of the reasons we chose ITF is their honesty and transparency.

    — Dana Vartiainen, Tree Amigos CEO

  • ITF work really hard to ensure we are kept up to date. We’ve also had the honour of meeting the two key players of this project – being 2020/2021 it all been via Zoom but that hasn’t stopped the warmth and joy of our relationships developing.

    — Gill Withers, supporter


Deforestation threatens us all, and is happening at an alarming rate. We urgently need to conserve existing forests and plant more trees. Tree planting records have been set; the problem is that unless the right trees are planted in the right place for the right reasons, we see tree mortality rates of up to 95% in the 1st dry season; commercial plantations that increase atmospheric CO2; and monocultures that threaten the delicate biodiverse web of life. This is a risk we cannot and need not take


To ensure high survival rates, we need plant for the the right reasons too. The communities whose livelihoods depend upon local forest health, are the ones whose reasons for forest restoration need to be built into planting projects. These are the people who will, if involved properly, become the forest's stewards for generations. This is the solution ITF has been pioneering since 1922. Last year ITF completed 39 tree planting projects and planted 805,873 tree. We need support to restore more.