Best Beginnings

Best Beginnings: Supporting Fathers across London

We have been supporting babies, pregnant families & new parents to recover from COVID-19 & lockdowns, but support is needed more than ever to focus on diverse London fathers, who are struggling to engage in their child’s early development, alongside rebuilding their own mental & physical health.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 8 June 2021 to 12:00 PM, 22 June 2021

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Highly involved fathers positively impact their child’s emotional, behavioural & educational outcomes (Sarkhadi, 2008). Support for fathers & their crucial role in early childhood development has been ‘COVID-neglected’, exacerbating this longer-term cultural ‘forgottenness’. Fathers underestimate their impact on their children’s health/wellbeing (Moffat & Stanton, 2005), yet wield strong influence on the health choices of the mother that impact the baby ie breastfeeding, smoking cessation.


We will reach & empower 4,000 dads from diverse backgrounds in 32 London boroughs with our Baby Buddy 2.0 app. Specific fathers content (film, information, ask experts) co-created with fathers, will support dads’ journey to parenthood, helping to understand fetal/infant development, their critical role in supporting healthy physical/emotional child development, the health/wellbeing of mum & healthy couple-relationship, leading to strong families & best possible health outcomes for their child.

  • I've struggled quite a bit mentally. I was sleep deprived & down in the dumps. The health visitor always asked my partner how she was doing. I know this sounds awfully selfish but I was trying to get help too. I needed someone to speak to.

    — Father to baby born March 2020 (3 days pre-Lockdown), 36 years old

  • Exclusion of dads causes unnecessary stress and worry and makes expecting mums feel unsupported and dads unvalued. Encouragement and support for dads to be involved at every stage is very important.

    — Father to baby born during Lockdown, 32 years old

  • Involvement in the routine appointments and confidence gained in interactions in the earliest days help fathers to bond with their baby.

    — Meier, M.E & Avillaneda, L. (2015) A Literature Review of Paternal Involvement in Prenatal Care