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Adopt a digital learning village in India

Despite high enrolment levels, children in India cannot read and write at grade appropriate levels and end up dropping out of school: a problem exacerbated by the closure of schools. Pratham's digital initiatives have helped create a learning environment through the pandemic and hopefully beyond it.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 27 March 2021 to 6:00 PM, 17 April 2021


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Country-wide closure of schools in India has impacted learners across age groups, especially those in more vulnerable and underprivileged communities, with an estimated 300 million learners (source: UNESCO) pushed out of education in India alone! Extended closure of schools is expected to have a significant impact on children, with the learning gap between those who have access to online resources and those who do not, likely to widen during these times.


Pratham’s Digital Learning Village provides learning opportunities for children by strengthening participation from families and community volunteers with support from Pratham team members and ensuring ongoing access to connectivity and engaging content. 1: Group learning for children in the neighbourhood 2, Existing devices in the community owned by families are leveraged to access Pratham's learning content 3. Active participation and support from parents and community-based volunteers